Royaltama Mulia Kencana

PT Royaltama Mulia Kencana is a Company providing coal transportation and sales services based on a Mining Business License for Special Production Operations for Transportation and Sales.

The loading station emplacement project is located in Gunung Megang District, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra Province. which is located 3.6km from the mining site of PT. TBBE.

PT RMKO provides coal crushing and loading services at emplacements with a current maximum capacity of 5 trains (15,000 MT) per day or 5,000,000 MT per year.

  • Location

    Gunung Megang, Muara Enim

  • Categories

    Mining Services

  • Service Provided

    Emplacement Services

    Coal Crushing
    Coal Loading to Train


    Hauling Road Construction